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Need more info about our locations, ad specs, costs or requirements? Look for the appropriate topic in the side pane, and if you’re still stumped - Contact Us.

  • The Locations page

    Our location selection page is designed for ease. Use the map or search bar to find the location where you want your ad to appear. Each pin you see on the map corresponds to a real-life screen or group of screens at that location. Different colours and symbols indicate to which network the screen belongs.

    You can choose your selection by clicking on the map pin or using the checkbox in the left hand column.

    The locations counter in the top right-hand corner lets you know how many locations you’ve selected and for how long. The billboard icon and View Locations link above it sticks with you throughout the rest of the Ad Shop process - you can click it for a quick view of your selected locations in the campaign you’re constructing.

    Once you have selected your locations, hit next and move on to the creative

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  • The Transit Network

    Millions of Toronto commuters use transit; millions of Toronto commuters use our screens.


    The Pattison Onestop Transit Network displays real-time vehicle arrival and departure information, including security alerts and service delays. It’s a captivating tool which commuters use every day to stay informed and entertained, and break up their journey - whether it’s two stops or twenty.

    With the Ad Shop you can catch that audience on their journey, and with the right, targeted message you could even be a part of it.

    • Frequency: 1 spot per 5 min loop
    • No. of Plays: 1680
    • Impressions: 78,850
    • Cost: $250.00

    • Aspect ratio of your ad: 16:9

    TTC Requirements

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  • The Residential Network

    Have you ever been in a residential high-rise on junk mail day? Any flat surface is overtaken, nothing is safe. Take-out or furniture - it doesn’t matter. Residents are systematically trained to ignore anything stuffed in their mailbox.


    The Residential Network places Ad Shop screens in high-traffic common areas which deliver community news and updates, building announcements, and weather. It’s a truly modern and environmentally friendly communication tool.

    The Residential Network is the integration of timely building announcements, entertaining content and real-time news and weather. They may not bring a pamphlet up to their home, but they will retain a smart, simple digital message.

    • Frequency: 1 per 3 min loop
    • No. of Plays: 3,360
    • Impressions: 1,430
    • Cost: $15.00

    • Aspect ratio of your ad: 16:9

    Residential Requirements

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  • The Office Network

    Are you dropping off stacks of menus or flyers at your local businesses, hoping someone might pick one up? When you utilize the Ad Shop’s Office Network, there’s no need for wishing and hoping. Employees across the country work in offices with digital signage from the Ad Shop.


    Don’t waste money on inefficient print pieces, communicate directly with right employees at the locations which are relevant to your business.

    • Frequency: 1 every 6 min
    • No. of Plays: 120
    • Impressions: 8,225
    • Cost: $138.00

    • Aspect ratio of your ad: 16:9

    Office Network Requirements

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  • Creative

    As we’ve told you, there are three choices when it comes to constructing your Ad Shop creative.

    When you hit the content-maker page you have two options. You can upload your own creative into one of the blank templates (technical specifications are below) or you can make an ad in the Ad Shop itself using one of our pre-made templates.

    Using the carousel on the left, you cycle through all of our templates. Once you select your favourite, you can modify it further by choosing a colour scheme below, and filling in the fields on the right hand side. If there are options for uploading an image, they will appear below the text fields. Once you upload an image, you can modify it by clicking on the image in the template.

    If making your own ad doesn’t sound like your thing, you can fill out the form on this page letting us know a few details about your business and the sort of ad you’re looking for. We’ll get back to you within a 2-3 business days with more information.

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  • Design tips

    What makes a digital-out-of-home ad effective? Think about the ones you remember. Maybe it was ours! Either way, chances are it was a simple ad with a large, broad message.

    The Ad Shop allows you to make your own creative and upload it into one of our blank templates. However, there are few things you should keep in mind.

    It’s a cliche, but for a reason - less is more. Your ad might catch someone’s eye for only a fleeting glance. Make your message bold and readable. How do you do all this?

    Keep your copy short - it’s much easier to retain a short simple message

    • BAD

    • GOOD

    High contrast - use colour schemes which read easily. Orange text on a pink background? You’re going to make a grandmother cry.

    • BAD

    • GOOD

    Font choice matters - just because it is readable on your desktop, doesn’t mean it can be read from 15 feet away. Simple fonts with discernible letters are better than overly thick/thin, curved, ornate styles.

    • BAD

    • GOOD

    Images - keep high-contrast and simplicity in mind here, as well. Though an intricate, complex image looks fantastic, it may be hard for a viewer to appreciate and digest in a small window of time and from a distance.

    • BAD

    • GOOD

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  • Uploading Your Creative

    Your spot length is 15 seconds. We don't accept longer ads at this time. Shorter videos will freeze on the last frame of your advertisement.

    High contrast, easily readable text, and a long shot on a clear message will go great lengths to producing an effective video for the Ad Shop.

    For more information, please see our technical requirements below:

    Transit RequirementsResidential RequirementsOffice Network Requirements

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  • Restrictions and requirements

    Much like the rest of the advertising industry, we follow the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards as published by Advertising Standards Canada.

    As well, some of our locations have more stringent restrictions when it comes to certain product categories advertising on those networks. When you select your product category, those locations which are in conflict won’t appear in your search results. Other locations also have specific restrictions when it comes to artwork. Specifically, the following networks don’t allow advertising containing or pertaining to:

    • Residential: Real Estate, Mortgage Services, Legal Services (personal injury, real estate)
    • TTC: Depictions of damage to public space or transit vehicles (vandalism, graffiti, etc)

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  • Location costs

    Each location automatically shows you its total price based on the campaign’s date range. If you select any location on the locations map, each location pin contains a Cost Per Day indicator.

    How we calculate Cost Per Day?

    A. First, we calculate the particular location’s Impressions - which is based on the number of viewers, how many times those viewers see the screen, and what percentage of the loop they see. More specifically:

    Impressions = Viewers daily x by the number of times an asset is viewed at a location multiplied x the percentage of the loop which is seen.

    B. To get Cost Per Day (CPD), we multiply the Location’s Impressions by that Location’s Cost Per Thousand (CPM) Standard Rate.

    CPD = (Views) multiplied by (CPM)/1000

    And that’s it. Your campaign’s total price is the number of days you booked times the Cost Per Day:

    Your Subtotal = (Cost Per Day) multiplied by (the number of days in your campaign)

    For example: You want your ad to run for 4 weeks at Location A which has a Cost per Day of $37.50. We calculate: (28 Days) x ($37.50) = $1,050.00

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